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No matter where you are in the house, your entire music library is at your fingertips with one incredible universal remote control. Enjoy radio, CDs, digital music from your iPod or computer, XM or Sirius Satellite Radio and more throughout your home. Components can be hidden while wall-mounted controls in each room allow you to select music sources and adjust volume independently for other rooms.

Listen and control your favorite music anywhere in the house.

Systems can be as simple as 2-zone audio with rotary style volume controls or as sophisticated as 16 or more audio zones with touch screens and/or iPads located all over your house

Use your iPhone / iPad / Android device to control your music or we’ll program your home theater remote control to give you access to your music library from anywhere in the house.

Sources that can be distributed throughout the house can include but are not limited to:

- XM / Sirius satellite radio

- CD / DVD changers

- AM/FM radio

- Computers

- Cable / satellite receivers

- Music servers

- iPod / iPhone

-Variety of streaming sources from internet i.e., Pandora, Rhapsody and more

Keypads to control the music can be wired or wireless with just a few functions with buttons to switch from one source to another or multifunctional touch screen LCD displays with interactive features.


Multi-room video lets you watch and easily control all your video throughout the house with ease. Select your preferred video source to watch on any television in your entire home. Start watching a DVD in your living room and then easily move the feed into your bedroom, while the rest of the family stays put. You can have the ability to interconnect all televisions to share movies, video games, computer images and more.

-Share a single video source with the rest of the house…watch the same DVD in kitchen, family room and guest bedroom - all at the same time.

-Create your own closed video network with cameras, HDTV cable, and satellite. 

-Share a movie library on every TV set throughout the entire house.

-Connect and share your computer images on all of the televisions in the house.

-Rent or buy movies from the Internet to watch on any TV in the house.

-Play video games on any TV.

-Manage your kids’ TV access.

Our Video Matrix teams with a multi-room audio system to deliver crisp, high-definition component video from multiple sources up to eight rooms. Our range of video baluns offers single-source solutions for either component or composite video.


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