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Design a timed lighting program that is synchronized coordinating with when you wake up or go to sleep. Dim the lights to watch a movie or open the blinds with the flip of a switch. Our advanced systems can be accessed through any one of your dimming stations or from your remote control.

Keypad Stations are the primary control points on a wired Vantage system. A single, stylish keypad can replace entire rows of standard light switches. A large variety of faceplates, button styles and colors are available to enhance any décor. Faceplates come in both metal and plastic designs.

-Attractive, easy-to-use, custom engraved wall keypads - no more clutters of wall switches with mysterious designation.


-Turn all of the lights ON or OFF with the press of just one button.


-Custom program your favorite lighting scenes - a romantic dinnertime, brighter for reading and relaxing, or dimmed for movie time.


-Incorporate motion sensors, door switches, pressure pads or more to automate your lighting even further. 


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