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Keep Your Home Safe


Check on the kids in the backyard with just a click on your touch screen remote. Experience safety and comfort like you’ve never known with a series of security cameras set up to protect you and your family. Easily access each camera view on your television with a click on your remote.



Imagine being able to adjust the temperature in your room from your bedside nightstand. Our amazing technology allows you to do just that. Create a schedule to manage the temperature in your house for the hours that you are away with just a few clicks on our easy-to-use touch panel remote. Vacation settings and programmable memory add to the capabilities of our custom HVAC.



-Integration with intercom 

-Whole house paging (also integration with house audio – music mutes during incoming call) 

-Integration with multiple outside lines 

-Wired and wireless phones 

-Local advanced voice mail service (one mailbox for everybody) 

-Integration with gates, front doors and more


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