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Enhance Your Home Experience

We’ll do more than turn your ordinary TV room into a booming home theater experience…We want you to feel as if you’re in the movie itself.

Customize your entertainment system with a state-of-the-art HDTV, your favorite game system and surround yourself with crystal clear audio components. Control everything from your own easily programmable universal remote control. Even dim the lights with the touch of a button! Whatever your budget, Litehouse will provide an entertainment experience second to none.

We work with all types of budget levels. We’ll give you the facts based on technology and science, not hidden agendas, talk about costs and quality of components and special “gold” cables – knowing the facts means you get better value.


- HDTV vs. 4K? 3D? OLED? What about a ceiling-mounted projector? Based on your lifestyle, budget, room configuration, size, we’ll help you choose the right display.


-Surround Sound Integrated Receivers priced from $299 to $4000 or install separate components – preamp/processor and multi-channel amplifiers from $1999 and up.


-Customers who already own home theater or A/V equipment but feel like they are missing something might be correct. Most electronic manufacturers ship/sell their equipment enabled with very basic settings. True potential can be revealed only after changing those settings, usually hidden within menus and sub-menus, and we’ll maximize the experience for you.


-We’ll utilize the latest technologies that involve multi-channel surround sound.


-Remote controls with one-button operation – When DVD button is pressed lights will dim, TV/projector turns on, surround sound system turns on, DVD / Blu-ray starts playing.


-Speakers, even subwoofers can be concealed inside walls without sacrificing the quality of audio.


-We’ll configure and connect your existing components, such as X-Box, Playstation, Wii and others. 



If you can dream it we can do it!
Tell us what you're looking for.


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We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our contact form.

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